Privacy Policy

While accessing the data provided at the site, the user is concerned about the privacy of their own data. Electronics Desk completely considers their concern and maintain the privacy of the user, at the time of providing services to them.

Website Address:

Information that we store

Electronics Desk collects or stores only that information of the user which is required to have an idea about their presence at the site.


The comments posted by the user regarding their suggestions and queries are collected at the site database. The IP address along with browser user agent string is stored by the site in order to detect the spam files.

‘Akismet’ an automated spam detector, is utilized to examine the reader’s comments. It checks the spam from the email id provided by the user using anonymized strings.

However, the comments posted by the reader and its metadata is stored in the website for an indefinite time duration. As by doing so, the site can anytime access the particular comment and can approve follow-ups with respect to it without expanding the queue.

Contact Us

A ‘Contact Us’ form is available on the website which is used by the readers to put up their queries, in this process their personal details are stored in the website’s database.

The saved personal information can be removed at any time according to the user’s wish. But, the information related to administrative, security or legal purposes must be retained by the site, and will not be deleted on user’s request.


Google AdSense uses the cookies for storing user’s information to provide better browsing experience such as have records of the user’s particular zone of interest by providing each user with a unique identity.

Individually, the cookies do not hold any personal information of the user. But this depends on the host site and the user’s setting that cookies information can be added to the user’s Google account.

Also at the time of putting comments on the site, the cookies can store the user’s name, mail id etc. at the site database according to the user’s choice. This prevents the reader to enter the basic details each and every time while leaving a comment at the site.


‘Google analytics’ tool is used by our website. Basically when a reader visits our site, then google stores the user’s information only to provide the user with the data according to their interest area or their preferred language.

The personal information collected by the google includes the user’s IP address, geographical location, browser type, browser language, operating system and the information related to the sites browsed by the user.

Our site simply tracks these details combinely in order to provide a better learning experience to the reader. Also, the user’s personal information is used by the site for legitimate business purposes like for website promotion, making an improvement, market research and analysis, etc.

Internet-Based Advertising

The primary source of monetization used by ‘Electronics Desk’ is ‘Google AdSense’. The Google AdSense stores the information of the device which is being used by the visitors to access the site.

Furthermore, it collects the other information of the user also and stores it in the database, so as to provide better surfing experience to the user.

The information stored by Google AdSense includes:

The technical data about the device such as IP address, browser type, browser plug-in types, operating system, geographical locations etc.

Also, the information regarding the URL, page views, daily time on the site by the user is utilized. Page interaction details like scrolling and clicks are also stored by Google.

A third-party vendor (Google) gets involved in advertising on our website. These are interest-based advertising services also known as remarketing or retargeting.

Google collects the user’s information that visits our site according to the other social sites visited by them. The third party vendors make use of cookies, tokens or pixels related to the past access to the different sites of the users of ‘Electronics Desk’.

However, from Google Ad settings you can disable Google’s use of cookies.

Sharing and Protection of Stored Information

To whom the user’s data is disclosed?

The user’s information stored in the website is provided to the third party vendors without the approval of the user, only when demanded by law, any court, government agency, cyber-crime authority, in case of any offence or punishment.

These disclosures are done in the company’s interest to secure against the legal rights or prevention and detection.

How the data of the user is secured?

We always try to store the information of the user in secured servers. External server capacities are used by us to store the information. And so the security of the stored data is declared in a closed contract with the host company.

‘Electronics Desk’ do not sell the user’s information to any other third party/company except the ones mentioned above.