Microwave Engineering

Gunn Diode

Definition: A Gunn diode is a semiconductor device formed by only N-type material. It is also termed as a transferred electron device. As in n-type material, electrons acts as majority carriers and these are transferred from one valley to another. It is a two terminal device basically made up of semiconductor material like GaAs, InP …

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Definition: Waveguides are a special category of transmission line that is used to guide (direct) the waves (radiation) along the length of the tube. These are typically hollow metallic tube which acts as the medium to transfer or transmit the power. In waveguides, the energy is propagated through a tube. It can be either rectangular …

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Transmission Lines

Definition: Transmission lines are the conductors that serve as a path for transmitting (sending) electrical waves (energy) through them. These basically forms a connection between transmitter and receiver in order to permit signal transmission. Transmission lines in microwave engineering are known as distributed parameter networks. As their voltage and current shows variation over its entire …

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